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The Uncontainable1 Team

What is Uncontainable 1 Houston Tour and its purpose? 

It is the Uncontainable 1 Team goal to unite 100 communities as we show and JOIN how God is moving in the Greater Houston Area. With our provided stage (see picture at website) we will: join and film 100 individual Christ following groups reaching out to their communities, over 5 thousand square miles within the Greater Houston area, all within 100 consecutive days. (Psalms 133:1) The out reach will be a 100 snap shots of what God has been doing for many days and years. It is our hope each community will pass on what they learned to the next community. At the end of each event day we will add and present the snap shot (video, testimonies and story on our website) of Gods presence through out our city (We encourage all of Houston to share via social media and any other means that God is powerfully at work) until we have a 100 combined picture that will encourage and equip all believers throughout our city, as we more clearly perceive God moving in our midst. (Genesis 28:12) 

BOTTOM LINE: We want to see the church leave its buildings and bless our communities who never experience the joy of our Fathers house. Pastors, this is a great opportunity to lead your flock into an experience that ignites their faith into action. 

Who is the Uncontainable 1?                                                                                                                                                  


God! We named our container stage (Uncontainable 1) after Him because He is the uncontainable 1. (1 Kings 8:27)


What inspired the Uncontainable 1 Houston vision?


The vision inspiration came from a strong conviction, that each of us has been given unique talents and gifts (Ephesians 2:10) to share Gods love with others, which is our most tangible way of expressing love to God. (John 15:13)


What does a community event look like?


Each individual community of Christ honoring believers will determine as God leads them to show the love of God to its community according to its passion, calling and gifting. Many churches, groups will use music, talents and food to draw people into an experience with God, allowing them to respond to the Gospel. Approximate times will be from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm Pre-event or awareness to the community event will be determined within each individual community.

BOTTOM LINE: Because so many communities in Houston are joining, each community will experience the power of unity as other communities join them, No one community is walking alone. Sound, video and stage are provided along with many volunteers who want to help serve, including, worship leaders, speakers, street artist, rappers….

How does Uncontainable Houston community event differ from one large single city event? 


The goal of a large event is to draw many people to the event from all over the city. Uncontainable Houston 100 community out reach are the opposite. It is multiple events reaching out to the ones who would never come. Numbers is not the goal, rather, having the heart of Jesus is. Being mobile from place to place gives us an ability of partnering with existing laborers in those communities to reach those who have not experienced Gods love. We welcome other ministries, businesses, civic leaders, health care providers and others willing to donate their time and services. We are after the 1 lost sheep (Mathew 18:12)

BOTTOM LINE: The body of Christ is no longer waiting for unreached to visit our churches, we will do church where they are. 

Some cities and places include: See website for exact locations and days

Huntsville- Livingston- Cleveland- Kingwood- Humble- Atascocita- Crosby- Baytown- La Porte- Seabrook- Clear Lake- Webster- League City- Dickinson- Texas City- Galveston- La Marque- Alvin- Manvel- S. Missouri City- New Territory- Rosenberg- Richmond- Katy- Brookshire- Cypress-Hempstead-Magnolia- Montgomery- Conroe- The Woodlands- Spring- Westfield- Aldine Bender- Branch- Channelview- Deer Park- Pasadena- SE Houston- Friendswood- Pearland- Stafford- Sugarland- Mission Bend- West Houston- Jersey Village- Willow Brook- Tomball- Champion Forest- NW. Houston- Greens point- Memorial City- Spring Branch- Highland Heights- Acres Home- Galena Park- Allendale-Hobby- Sunny Side- Briar grove- Heights-First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Ward-China Town- Montrose-Down Town Houston (Mathew 28:19)

What is the scope of this event? 

In Houston, we know hurricanes. Hurricanes grow rapidly. Their path is unsure. Their impact is unpredictable. The only certainty we have is that they will forever change the landscape and people with which they come into contact. Likewise, our 100-city 100-day community event, the “Uncontainable Houston” out reach can be such an impact. . Many of Houston’s leaders have been praying that Houston would become known as a city of God. It is our prayer that our 100 community events will be one of the many movements that bring this to pass. (1 Corinthians 3:6-7)

BOTTOM LINE: Only doing something different is going to give us a different outcome in our city. Alls we have to do is lift up Jesus in the open and all men will be drawn to him. John 12:32, Romans 10:17

What are the immediate needs for this event?


1. Churches, small groups, home churches to volunteer to COORDINATE an out reach where they are already laboring to share Gods love.

Bottom line: Will your church who has the unique ability to disciple those that enter into Gods family from this outreach, put this on your calendar and lead the charge by coordinating? 

What is the possible lasting impact of this 100 city 100 day event?

The body of Christ will become built up (1 Peter 2:5) as we behold God moving in our midst (Genesis 28:12) People will come into a relationship with the Living God. The body of Christ will disciple them one on one, until they learn to live out their identity and purpose, therefore, 5 years from now 1,000 new citizens of heaven occupying earth will multiply into 10,000 on fire leaders, changing our city from within. (Ephesians 4:15-16)

BOTTOM LINE: We will lead our children through example that faith and action are synonymous with out reach. James 2:26

Has a 100 cities 100 days ever been done before?

There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiasties1:9) God has been at work through believers, churches and ministries who have been laboring faithfully for generations through out our community. Unfortunately, often times we can feel alone and isolated not seeing how God is moving outside of our limited perspective. I pray these 100 communities 100 day events will bring encouragement and renewed passion as we labor for our King together. As God works in one community, it gives hope to the next. (Galatians 6:9-10)

Is there a charge to attend?

This event is totally donation supported. (Mathew 10:8)